Thursday, 25 July 2013

Take Five Minutes Interview with Jenny Agnew - Director of Pacifica Skincare (NZ).

Pacifica Skincare (NZ) has been trading for the last 13 years.  It has been an exciting opportunity to have Pacifica Skincare NZ as a gifts sponsor for the opening launch of Century 21 Synergy. Today we take five minutes to learn more about Jenny Agnew - a courageous , creative business woman and find out exactly what it takes to build a successful business in the glamourous world of fragrance and skincare.
1)In creating Pacifica Skincare (NZ) What would you say is the highlight of your career so far? Winning the contract to supply Air New Zealand was a great moment for us - lots of hard work but a fantastic opportunity to be associated with a premium brand.
2)What do you think is the recipe for success in your industry? I think that like all industries it is about hard work, perseverance and understanding the market and what the customers want.
Director of Pacifica Skincare (NZ) - Ms. Jenny Agnew - Dynamic and creative business person.

3)What are the major obstacles that you have encountered in growing your brand? How did you tackle these obstacles? Access to capital to expand is a big one for most small businesses and that coupled with being a woman and banks wanting a husbands signature on documents is a big obstacle - an even bigger obstacle when I am the sole shareholder in the company. They are tackled by perseverance, never taking no for an answer and by questioning the logic behind certain decisions.
4) In developing your skincare lines, how do you continue to keep your ideas fresh and relevant to the market? Do you have a process in keeping creativity alive? You need to be aware of the trends in fashion, colours and fragrances, so we keep in close contact with our fragrance suppliers and continually look for inspiration in food trends and fashion stores.
5)What would you say are points of differences that segment your brands ahead of the rest? Our packaging is often noted as being very unique. We have an in house designer who hand paints in water colours and we then turn these into labels and boxes - this keeps us looking fresh and different.
6)In 2014 what would be your strategies for growth? Our strategies for growth are to continue to develop fresh new and exciting products, to expand into Australia in a bigger way and to grow our export markets - being based in New Zealand means that the room for growth with a small population base are not as great as exploring international markets, so that is where we need to focus our energies at the moment.

Pacifica Skincare (NZ) is now available in Australia . See Pacifica Skincare (NZ) at the life in style Fair in Melbourne on 1st - 4th August 2013.

See Pacifica Skincare at Life in Style, Melbourne 1st-4th August 2013

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