Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lead Generation - Fast and Furious

If you are a vendor and you are looking sell your property, chances are you are looking to move your property fast. So today we will be discussing the importance of lead generation fast.

-What is lead generation?

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time seller, its important to understand one thing. Time is money. When you have a property on your hand and you need to sell it fast what you need are leads. What is a lead? A lead is the creation of a potential market for your property. Without a lead, the property is simply dead stock. To “supply” and sell your property you need the “demand” for it. The fundamental backbone of a healthy economy is supported by the ebb and flow of production and consumption of goods and services*. So leads are important to create demands for your property thereby creating opportunities for you to market and sell your property.  

-Why is it important to generate leads fast?

When you are a property owner, and you are looking to sell, you want it done fast.
The longer the property remains on the market the more money you spend to keep it there. The number of leads you have when you first take your property to market is proportional to the time spent on you selling the property. Since the administrative process of settling on a property is systematic, it is wise to have plentiful of leads so you can move the property fast.

-When to generate leads fast?

Generating interests and leads for the sale of your property should be done fast and at the beginning of your listing. Upon listing, a outflow of cash may be spent to take the property to market. This is evident with the spending on photography, graphic design, signs, flyers, brochures, advertising, marketing and any administrative costs that are required for the property to deemed marketable. While this is by no mean necessary, the property has the maximum chance of selling at a premium price and fast when all the marketing essentials are implemented well at full force.

-How to generate new leads fast?

To generate new leads fast, a property analysis is required. The property analysis is done from the cataloguing of its physical features, commercial and lifestyle benefits. Through itemizing its physical characteristics and translating the commercial and lifestyle benefits, we are able to produce an accurate model of the price on your property. 

With a price model, we are able to segment an accurate population of buyers. It is one thing to have lots of leads, it is another to have accurate leads. To marry the right type of buyer population with the desired property maximizes your chance of getting the premium market price for your property inventory.

-Who can generate leads fast?
To generate lead fast one has to be resourceful and well networked. When you are pooling to curate a population of buyers for a particular property, you have to tap into the network of demographic with needs, aspirations that matches the physical features, lifestyle benefits and most importantly the price bracket of your property. This would require the marketer to be embedded in the social fabric of everyday society. To be socially and professionally connected with different industries and different demographic can ensure a world of access to different population of property buyers at the fastest rate possible.

* article contain references to definition of economy :

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