Thursday, 13 June 2013

Take Five: Angelo Lofitis - Director of Century 21 Synergy, Dulwich Hill.

Take five minutes to learn more about Angelo Lofitis' inspiring vision for the community of Dulwich Hill.

What has been the highlight of your career?

As a licensed real estate agent for more than 10 years. I sold 40 properties in the Marrickville area in my first year as a Residential Real Estate Agent and over 500 properties in the ensuing seven years. I have also been a Property Auctioneer and has called in excess of 450 onsite auctions.

In creating Century 21 Synergy, what would you like to achieve for the Dulwich Hill community?

I started Century 21 Synergy because I recognize the need for a real estate agency that caters to the youthful demographic of the Dulwich Hill suburb. Agencies that exist in the area work on the classic model of listing and selling.
With the evolving turn of technology, the real estate business is coming of age. This is why I choose the Century 21 brand for Dulwich Hill. Century 21 is the biggest real estate branded network in the world, the bank of knowledge and technology embracing heritage makes Century 21 the brand of our generation. In forming Century 21 Synergy, we aim to bring the Dulwich Hill community into the 21st century. 

What are the strategies for achieving this for the Dulwich Hill community?

My team of staff are passionate people. In every capacity we are here to listen to your story, learn about your history and walk with you to face your prosperous future.

Century 21 Synergy serve to segment ourselves in the Dulwich Hill community with our engaging business model.  Our online presence and our offline business strategies are set up to engage with the Dulwich Hill community and to celebrate unique differences that make up the cosmopolitan nature that is the Dulwich Hill community.

At Century 21 Synergy we believe community engagement will pave the way to a more transparent, sustainable and rewarding future. Forming a dialog on the streets and over various social media platforms serve to provide us a more accurate picture of what the Dulwich Hill community require. This also means we are on the pulse of what is current, empowering us to serve you better. These on-field knowledge will help us form a social discourse with the community to inform our business strategies to evolve as the community needs change. Century 21 Synergy acknowledge that our future success in the property business is founded on the support of the community we inhabit. The continue dominance of internet and mobile technology has taught us that the business of real estate has to change to fit your needs. Instead of listing and selling, Century 21 Synergy stands for a business that creates value through a more consultative process, providing services to you where ordinarily the existing market in the inner west has yet to offer.


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