Wednesday, 21 August 2013

#InnerWest #LightRail #Extension - #Current #Works #Update

Construction of the Inner West Light Rail Extension is on track for services to start in early 2014. Work is underway on all nine of the new light rail stops.
The light rail stops are taking shape with all platforms now in place. Over the coming months signalling equipment and platform finishes, such as tiling will be complete and platform furniture will be installed at all the stops.
Work is now beginning to focus on access to the light rail stops. Lift shafts have been installed at Dulwich Hill, Dulwich Grove and Leichhardt North, with Marion and Taverners Hill soon to follow. Access stairs to the Marion stop have also begun.
Work is also progressing along the length of the light rail corridor. Work continues to complete drainage and electrical work and to install overhead wiring. Construction has started for the stabling yard and substation near Lilyfield stop, and the substation at the Lewisham West stop.
For information on upcoming construction work, please see our community notifications below.

Construction hours

Standard construction hours are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. Some work may need to occur outside of standard hours. Nearby residents will be given prior notice before any out of hours work begins.
Project enquiries: 1800 684 490
24 hour construction response:
1800 775 465

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