Tuesday, 22 October 2013

#Take #Five Learn More About Betty Concina at #Contours #Fitness #DulwichHill.

What is your professional background?
I have a Diploma in Exercise Science, I am a #personaltrainer, #pilatesinstructor, and a #nutritionist.

Is this your first health and fitness business? What inspired you to open a gym in Dulwich Hill? 

Yes! We have been here for 6 years now. When #Contours opened in #DulwichHill I ran it for someone else and when they decided to sell I was attached with the gym and my members. I couldn't just walk away. I had to do something, so I bought it! It was and  still is my baby!

Fitness Equiptments At Contours Fitness,
Dulwich Hill.

How long have you been in #business in Dulwich Hll?

6 years

Can you tell us a little about what it is like to run a health and fitness business in Dulwich Hill?

I really enjoy working in our gym, it is a community gym. The Dulwich Hill #community is really awesome and my members are just amazing. I can't ask for more.

What has been your greatest achievement this year?

I competed in the Natural Bodybuilding world titles and I placed 3rd in the World!!

Do you think its important to compete and have goals in fitness?

Betty Concina, 3rd place
Body Building World Titles

Everyone has to have a goal. But not everyone has to compete. Competing is my goal. I respect and I feel that everyone's fitness goals are equally important.

Why did you choose to set up in the Inner West?

I was born and raised here. I love the people here and the sense of community

What can your clients expect from you and your business?

We are here to assist as many local women as we can, to help them reach their goals. We would like to see all women happy with themselves and also healthy. We will continue to provide the best service and care to our members. We honestly believe that a healthy woman is a happy woman and we can help them be happy!

For people looking to join an all female gym for the first time, what would your advice be for them? How is the experience different to joining a unisex gym?

Well, a lot of women feel intimidated to train with many guys around. In our gym we are just women. No one really looks at anyone. We are all working together and helping each other reach their own #fitness goals. We need them to feel comfortable, enjoy their workout but also make sure that they know what they have to do. By this I mean, we want to make sure that their technique is accurate. Therefore we offer our clients, at no extra charge the following services to each and everyone of our members:

In their very first workout at the studio they meet with their trainer, who will take them through a workout and show them how to use the machines and do the exercises safely and comfortably. This session mainly focusses on orientating them with the gym and getting them exercising with confidence.

Contours Fitness , Dulwich Hill

At the workout two—Program Card

In your second appointment their trainer will assess their technique, and design their individual program.

At the workout three—Weigh and Measure

In their third appointment, their trainer will take their measurements and weigh them to allow for goal setting and planning.

Ongoing Support, A quick snap shot.

Every 4 weeks we recommend that they book in for their weigh & measure. That will allow their trainer to check their measurements and ensure they are on track to achieve their goals. Every 8 weeks we recommend they book in for a program update. That will allow us to check their technique and also make sure their weights are set correctly for the best results.

Stretching Area, Contours Fitness at
Dulwich Hill

What do you offer client that is a little different to other gyms?


It is critical that their eating plan matches their exercise plan and their goals. Therefore they can book in for a FREE 30min consultation with our dietitian.


Different classes may be available from time to time to add variety, fun and a social element into your exercise routine.

How can clients get in touch with you?

Clients can call us on 02 - 9564 0533 or visit us on  1/556 Marrickville Dulwich Hill

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