Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Your #PropertyEmpire 25 October 2013


Clearance rate 74 % (overall) 
79.5% Sydney
68.6% Melbourne
67.6 % Adelaide

We expect clearance rate to be pull back, more stock on the market.

Sellers coming at higher price
Selling at the auction will be harder.

List now before christmas, you have to get in there now to give it a good run.

Realistically go in at a higher price


1.37% plus this week
0.48% last week
+2.15 % the week before

Its about going with the agent that can negotiate the best price for you. Not the lowest commission.


12.53% Sydney
7.11% Melbourne
18.18% Perth
12.61% over all

As you can see its been flatlining for a few weeks,There seem to be a plateau on the residential rent price movement chart.
Get ready for a change

2.28% #Sydney
2.94% #Melbourne
5.28% #Perth
3.5% over all

Keep and eye on it, watch the movement.

Entry price will be higher in January, Same amount of enthusiasm from buyers.
yes the activity will be there, Top end is starting to come on but its not the area thats selling. You will be rely on the real estate agent to negotiate the best price for you.


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