Monday, 7 October 2013

#TakeFive : Take Five minutes to learn more about Tanya Miller.

What is your professional background?

My background has always been in Administration Office Work but in 1990 I decided to do 
a Massage Course. I completed my Diplomas in both #Remedial #Massage & #Aromatherapy 
& was offered a opportunity in 1993 to start my own full time business in the city. My 
business was located beside a Pilates studio and at that time I was doing the Pilates 
courses to gain strength for massage.

Which aspect of massage therapy you specialize in?

I specialise in a combination of #myofasicalrelease, #cranialtherapy and #deeptissue. When 
I started my business, I had great support from other health professionals referring a 
variety of clients to me. This enabled me to use my experience of the many techniques to 
work on these clients.

Why did you choose massage therapy as a business?

When I originally did my massage course, it was only intended to be a hobby, I realised 
that I enjoyed it. My experience in working in offices helped me to understand the stresses 
clients deal with everyday. I am interested in peoples lives and have something to offer by 
the way of my massage and love working one to one with clients. 

Have you always lived in Dulwich Hill?

I moved to Dulwich Hill 10 years ago and have always lived in the inner west since I 
moved from Brisbane about 27 years ago.

Do you have any fond memories of Dulwich Hill?

I visited a friend that had a house in Dulwich Hill and I was looking to move from Croydon. 
That day I met a diverse group of friendIy people from a variety of different nationalities in 
different businesses. It made my choice easier to move as not having any family in Sydney 
and feeling part of the community.

Why did you choose to practice in the inner west?

After moving from the city in 2009 with my business I was looking to open up a similar 
practice here. I have always had treatments with other practitioners in this area and 
referred my clients to them. The #InnerWest is changing with businesses and people 
hearing about Dulwich Hill and there is opportunity to build a solid foundation. 

I have found in the past word of mouth is great advertising.

Tanya Miller, 
Owner of Vitality clinic
Do you have any tips for a novice looking for a great massage therapist? What should 
they be looking for?

Every therapist is different so do your research ie qualifications, prices, health fund rebates and technique. There are many associations you can contact to check if the therapist is a 
member and that they are professional. Look for cleanliness, feeling supported in a safe environment and confidentiality with your therapist. As a #therapist. I feel that listening to clients that talk about where they are in their lives and supporting them with their commitment to their passion i.e. sport, lifestyle is also a important part of my job.

Do you have any community and charity oriented work?

I recently walked the City to Surf and raised funds for Beyond Blue which I found a inspiring event to be part of. I had a great support with businesses and friends in the community for a cause that I have seen affect the lives of people I know.

Some parting wisdom on massage therapy?

Everyone needs something that puts them in serenity in their lives, a place where 
decisions, worries are put at bay and time to themselves. If massage is for you then give 
back to yourself and your body will thank you for taking time out.

One of my favourite quotes is by Nelson Mandela

 "You must find your own Garden"

How can clients get in touch with you?

Tanya Miller
Vitality Massage Clinic
Facebook: Tanya Miller
Mobile: 0412-221-361

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