Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Australian Century 21 #Property #Report - Sky News Breakdown

News in general has been very positive.

Show Breakdown - 17th September 2013
National #Auction #Clearance #Rates has been steadily rising but the standout remains with Sydney.

Average 74.9% National Clearance Rate
85.1% Sydney Clearance Rate
74.4% Melbourne Clearance Rate
76.1% Adelaide (Last four/five weeks it has been performing well) .

Note of some concerns, some suburbs are booming, could potentially have a bubble. 
Its dangerous to see some buyers paying a lot over the reserved price. 

Finally +1.16% homes advertised for sale has picked up. A good sign of more to come.

New Zealand Market - good market to watch since 1st july to today,
NZ market has had ( -3.7% listings)
29% increase
8.3% market price higher than 2007.
Auckland and Canterbury district that is driving this growth.

#Rent #Price #Movement 
12.41 % Sydney
7.33% Melbourne
17.8 % Perth
overall 12.54% since january last year

#Residential #Vacancy #Rate
3.32% Sydney
2.37% Melbourne
3.99% Perth
overall average 3.23% across country
Must keep an eye on perth as its been high, around 4%.

Seems to be a level of excitement in the market. It will be about volume.

30% sales volume increase this time last year, lets gets some listings on the books then it will balance it out a bit more.


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