Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Inner West Is My Oyster.

Imagine having the the divine world of fantastic food and exquisite fine dining in our very own backyard, now imagine no more. Inner West is fast becoming the capital of boutique eateries and frontier promenade for inventive gastronomical delights.

Oscillate Wildly and its offering of eight courses degustation leads the way with its high profile chef and owner Karl Firla (ex Est., Marque, and Bridgewater Mill) putting his clever stamp on culinary design.

Hartyard, Bloodwood and Black Star Pastry can all hold their own in bustling Newtown for their pedigree of fantastic chefs and cutting-edge menu. Their loyal fans have helped their business grow from strength to strength in the times of economic anemia.

Slightly off the beaten track "Six Penny" has carved out a wonderful space in Stanmore to deliver maximum food style with its steady supply of beautiful self-grown produce from the Southern Highlands.

What is it about the Inner West that attracts so many talented chefs to build their food empire here? Is it the air of bohemia that lurks amongst rugged streets or the youthful demographic of its occupants. As rents continue to rise, a new generation of tech workers and internet designers are moving out of the inner city of Sydney, into the Inner West in droves. Currently their occupancies are spreading out of Newtown toward Marrickville, Erskinville and Dulwich hill.

The hipster of today is making a conscious decision to live and live well now, their support and interest in designer food are breeding an endless supply of fancy food shops as pureplay fashion businesses and high rents continue to evacuate bricks and mortar apparel shops. This makes the inner west a playground for food adventurists and culinary thrill seekers.

Australian media culture has also been partially responsible for fuelling rapid rise in mass interest for designer food. Multiple variations of television programmes and reality based shows are now airing across national networks. Reputable chefs working in hatted restaurants are now the celebrity of the moment. They are especially favoured for endorsing everything from pasta sauces to charity drives. It is only fitting the fashionable areas of the inner west too, are now courting vibrant and well known chefs to continue the area’s property growth. You heard it here first - fashion is out, FOOD is in.

Oscillate Wildly - Newtown
Six Penny - Stanmore
Hartsyard - Newtown
Bloodwood - Newtown
MakMak - Macarons - newtown

Strawberry Fields - Dulwich Hill


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