Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Wrap on #Property #Observer:

Despite the fact that Australia has been preoccupied with the change in government, property news and its prominence has not been too far from the Australian voters' mind. Diane Leow has informed us that forecast has already been issued for one of the big four banks for a further rate reduction end of 2013.

ANZ forecasts the rate to be cut further by 25 basis points to 2.25% in the last quarter of this year, and expects the rate to hold steady for 2014.” Diane Leow Wednesday 11 September 2013 , Property Observer.

So what does it tell us? If you are a business owner, happy days are coming! Why, because finally the Australian people got what they wanted: A change. Whether a good change or bad, its still a change nevertheless. Any change is as good as holiday some day. So small business all hopes to this change would start to encourage further consumer spending. 


If you are a vendor and you are hanging on, its time to dive in and capitalize on the opportunity and reap your rewards. 

The auction clearance rate has been hovering in the 70s across many states of Australia in the last month. If you are not looking to list or sell then start talking to your local agents.

Get your property appraised, find out more about what is possible. 

When interest rates drop, predictions are never too far away for when the interest rate will rise. and right now It looks set to rise in 2015. 

Buyers are hungry and they are out now looking for you, looking to buy. 

Even if you agree that the interest rates have some impact only on house prices as per Jonathan Chancellor’s article in Property Observer, statistics are showing incredible appetite for stock and they are moving fast.

“Its the wise conclusion that while interest rates have some impact on house prices, both are responding to and participating in the overall economic cycle,” Jonathan Chancellor Tuesday 03 september 2013- Property Observer

What are you waiting for?

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