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#Take #Five : Learn About #The #Larder - #Epicerie #Fine #Dulwich #Hill.

1 - When did you discover first discover your passion for #fine #food?

I believe it was the first time my mother fed me. Since then I have to discover, try and taste. It is exaggerated but my mother was an exceptional cook, for pleasure only, and when you touch quality you can’t go back.

2 - How did you come to operate and own The Larder? Have you always been in food industry?

Circumstances!  All my professional life I have been an #Electrical #Engineer in the Printing Industry around the world. I did love it, but when you get older, travelling is not always your first priority anymore. The world is changing so quickly, I wanted to do something I love and have some fun as well. So, we saw how quickly Dulwich Hill was changing, how #Dulwich #Hill was buzzing every week end, and then the shop was empty and for rent and, and, here I am now without regret whatsoever. 
The Larder - Dulwich Hill Facade.

3 - What do locals look for when they come to The Larder? What is your speciality?

Definitely #Cheeses!  I take great pride to have ripe cheeses, meaning at their peak  to eat, to have their full flavours and nose. But also I do not expect my clients to buy what they don’t like or do not know thus before buying, everyone can taste and then buy what suits them. 

Soumaintrain Cheese from Burgundy
- The Larder, Dulwich Hill
4 - For our readers who are visiting The Larder for the first time, which products do you highly recommend for a new client?

For cheeses, I ask them what they like, which cheeses they want to taste. For Groceries, I have fantastic products, and I am lucky enough that I can taste them before hand, so if a client hesitates I can help them to choose the best one for them.

5 - Where does this product come from? 

Cheeses are mainly #French, but also #Spanish, #Italian, #English even #American. 
On the Grocery side, I try to have as much  local produce  as possible. You have fantastic Aussie products and it is my job & fun to bring them along my clients to discover them.

6 - How does the quality of this product differ to other similar food product on the market?

You go to a lot of places selling cheeses, and you see pieces of cheeses in middle of the fridge, with name, weight and price. You like it, good luck, you don’t bad luck. Most of shops sell cheeses like they could sell lollies, shoes or peanuts. What you need to understand that some similar products can be bought in the supermarket but they are not the same quality. For example if you buy a #Camembert in the supermarket, then buy one from me- you will taste an enormous difference and I promise you that. I deal with quality #producers who are not interested in selling huge amounts but have an emphasis on quality and taste.

At The Larder, you choose, you taste and we cut at your request. I can tell you where the cheeses are from, their pasture, whether they are a #summer or #winter #milk. I know the story behind the product and that is very important. 

Dominique Durand -
Owner of The Larder, Dulwich Hill
7- What is your favourite dish?

That will be definitely “#Coq #au #Vin”. But there are a few things you must know. 
  • Rooster is not chicken, so don’t mix up!
  • Don’t forget herbs like thyme, sage and good seasoning.
  • Once it is done, remove the meat. Slow down the heat and add a cup of blood, not necessarily from the #Rooster it can be #Beef but not #Pork, and your sauce will turn dark and thick. Beautiful. 
  • You can serve with pan fried #potatoes, rice or beautiful creamy mash potatoes. #Bon #Appetit!
8 – How often do new produce and products arrive?

For the cheeses, I order them every week and I am pleased to say that I order more and more.
For #Groceries, it depends on demand. I try to have at least 1 new product every 2 to 3 months. New products can replace an existing one or to be add to the existing one.

9 – What are the highlights of trading in Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill?

Dulwich Hill has become vibrant and cosmopolitan, with a lot of new young families around. We do have a lot of very nice shops in Dulwich Hill now, with GleeBooks , Medina Interiors, the beautiful handcrafted Moroccan wares or #StrawberryFields our crazy #French #Pastry Chef Simon and I am sure much more to come. 

The Larder - Dulwich Hill inside view.
10 – Any specials or product highlights/special offers this month you wish to share with our readers?

Look, we do have a big event when we follow the “#Tour #de #France” with our cheeses every July. We had a promotion event with one of the best Affineur – Maturer- of cheeses in France –Herve MONS- in September and now we are preparing Christmas and I can tell you that people will be nicely surprised when they will see all goodies on display. 

Of course we do have our popular “Bargain basket” full of goodies.

To find Dominique Durand and
The Larder – Epicerie fine

489 Marrickville Road
Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
Tel: 02 9572 9797

Love The Larder on Facebook, and if you don’t, just like them: www.facebook.com/The-Larder-Epicerie-fine

Photos sourced from http://thelocaliststyleforum.blogspot.com.au/

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