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Take Five Minutes to Learn More About #Strawberry #Fields And The Wonderful World Of #Pastries.

The pastry business is a cut throat business, can you shed some light on the point of differences Strawberry Fields Patisserie offers its clients? 

Strawberry Fields Patisserie offers customers fresh, local ingredients and restaurant style quality desserts, cakes, pastries and boutique breads. Opening in Dulwich Hill with many other well established patisseries in the immediate area was a challenge at first but once our customers realised we offered a point of difference from other patisseries, they were pleasantly surprised that they could get contemporary cakes with a French flavour.  We knew that having good coffee and lovely fresh food is always a winning combination that proves to make any business successful.  The key is to ensure that all ingredients and the finished product is second to none.  Our recipes are Simons own recipes devised over the last 14 years that he has spent in the hospitality industry.  His creations are distinctly his own, beautiful to look at and even better to the taste buds. 
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We are excited to learn that Simon has had some terrific experience at many well known restaurant, Can you elaborate on Simon's experiences and what we can expect from him for 2014? 

Simon started in the hospitality industry as a kitchen hand and worked his way up in the industry in various shops, bakeries and patisseries. He finished his apprenticeship at Glass Brassiere in the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. He has always wanted to have his own patisserie and he loves Dulwich Hill, so when the shop became available, he took it straight away.  For 2014, we can look forward to an ever changing menu, including our own truffles and the introduction of our own biscuit range.
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Strawberry Fields Patisserie has won many awards, can you tell us your recipe for success? 
This year we entered the Fine Food Show Awards and even though we had only been open a year, we were very lucky to win 7 medals - 3 silver and 4 bronze.  The fine food show is a prestigious show and it is hard to win a medal, regardless of its colour.  There is no recipe for success as such except 2 things - believe in yourself and your team and hard work.  Simon was lucky to be trained by old European bakers and pastry chefs - the traditional methods of baking and making pastries which have proven to be the most successful. 
Strawberry Fields won the Marrickville Business Awards for the best new business in Dulwich Hill for 2013.

If its my first time at Strawberry Fields Patisserie, how should I order? What are some of the must try food items you'd recommend for me? 

For your first time at Strawberry Fields, start with a John Scroll - a warm bacon and caramelised onion, salami and feta scroll with an egg poached in the centre.  We use 5 Senses coffee and have the choice 
between a house blend and a single origin.  Our large coffees are served in a French bowl.  After breakfast, I would have either our signature tart - Strawberry Fields Forever consisting of our vanilla bean custard with fresh strawberries on top or the Jaffa Mousse which is a sponge 
soaked in Grand Marniner with a chocolate mousse coating.

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How often do you change the menus? Do you work with seasonal ingredients to create original products ? 

We change the menu 4 times a year, basically we only cook seasonally. This ensures better fresh ingredients and a better end product. 

Any exciting events coming up that we should know about? 

Our Birthday celebrations are always a cracker - Held in February, we 
always go all out by hiring a band, giving away balloons to the kids and 
giving away free chocolate cake all day.  Its a great event which 
promotes community spirit.

To Find out more about Strawberry Fields Patisserie and where to try these delectable goodies:

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