Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Charles Tarbey on Property Empire 22 November 2013

Clearance rates steady. More property on the market - higher prices 
(vendors want higher prices)

Overrall 67.4% per cent for the week.
68.3 %last week

Sydney 76.3%
Melbourne 69%
Adelaide 51.9%
Canberra 52.7

Summary : Very good market place to be in

Homes Advertised for sale

Down 5.6%
Down last week, Down the week before that only slightly.

Amount of Property come on the market has dropped.
Rise in competitions lates december and early new year.

Listing NZ - two weeks ago peak,

Auckland listing numbers going backwards, which mean their market will start moving again.

Residential rent price movement
12.77 % Sydney Average Chart has been flatlining.
7.06% Vic
18.25 % Perth
12.69% Average

People need to pay attention to that
tenants are moving out and tenants are buying property

Residential Vacancy Rates.
2.44 % sydney (best performing capital city)
3.32 % Melbourne
6.23% Perth

Vacancy rates
4% vacancy rates overall

Final Note:
Perth should be concerning most investors, good market but lots of

 tenant buying the property of their landlord.

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