Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Charles Tarbey , Property Report on My Property Empire with Chris Gray 1st November 2013

National Clearance Rates

71.8% Sydney 
79.75% Melbourne
79.9% Adelaide
69.6% overall

Boom time is in the 80% , as more stock comes on we won’t be seeing the 80% this coming summer.

#Home #Advertised for #Sale

0.55% increase
increase last five weeks,
Modest increment.

#Residential #Rent #Increase
12.5% Last week
12.35% Sydney this week
7.11% Melbourne
18.19% Perth, slightly up 
12.55% overall across the country increase
overall its seems to be flatlining

#Vacancy #Rates
1.98% Sydney
2.7% Melbourne
5.62% Perth , perth is still climbing
3.43% overall

Keep your hands in your pocket, there are more stocks coming onto the market.

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