Thursday, 14 November 2013

Congratulatory Notes from Top Raisers.

Well done to everyone that contributed and participated. As of Sunday 3rd November 2013, Sylvania BMW Top Raisers finished in the top 5 Fundraisers for the Sydney to Gong Bike Ride 2013. Thank you to all that participated and helped to make such a huge difference to people who need it most.

Top Raisers Bike Riders at the Gong Ride 2013.
Special Mentions go to; 

Anthony Rodriquez - Not only is dealer principal of Sylvania BMW a proud and generous sponsor to this important cause, Rodriquez had not ridden a bike in twenty years. He had his first practice the morning before, with clip in shoes. He completed the short course in just under three hours. A feat in itself.

Marty Walter - After some serious convincing, Walter agreed to do the ride this year, and not having a bike, he purchased a $50 special from ebay and struggled through cramps and fatigue to arrive early in the afternoon. He ended up third highest independent fundraiser on the day and picked up some excellent gifts.

Mark Tsen - The story of the day. After having a near miss and staying on the bike after the chain came off, Tsen was spotted at the bottom of Mckell Avenue, in the National Park. Having played it down, Tsen was left with St John ambulance staff. Twenty kilometres later,  he advanced and rode past most of his team mates. Upon arrival at the final marquee, he had been stretchered off, never to return again that day. It turns out, Tsen had to have surgery to attend some splintered bone fragment in his ankle and only got out on the following Tuesday morning. Mark Tsen has claimed the “hero of the day” category, and ironically, picked up a $50 meat tray from our sponsors, Colins butchery in Illawong.

Feedback about the day is appreciated. Please keep us informed on what worked well and what you wish to be done differently so that next year another amazing Gong Ride can be enjoyed by all. 

For those that are interested, I have listed below, the final standings for the Top Three Independent Fundraisers, and the additional prizes that were awarded on the day.

1st Peter Gourdevelis $2260. Won a BMW Msport for a weekend of his choice.

2nd Mark Goldfeder $2151. Won a BMW Athletics pack.

3rd Marty Walter $2000. Won a bottle of Moet,and a $50 meat tray from Colins Butchery at Illwong.

Keep your eyes on the Gong Ride Web pages to see the more photos being uploaded.  Search by your entrant number to find yourself on the site. The below link is a great video from MS Australia with Angelo and Megan Lofitis that was loaded on to the Gong website. Well done to all for representing the team. 

Special Thank you to Damian Jama.
The day could not have gone more smoothly if not for Damian Jama - Team Secretary of Top Raisers - he is crucial in the organization and coordination of the Top Raisers team , if anyone that did not get a chance to ride this year and wish to participate next year, please contact Damian Jama.

Damian Jama and Angelo Lofitis in Preparation for the M.S. Sydney to Gong Ride.

Overall out of the 750 teams participated in the Gong Ride, Top Raisers ranked 5th! 10,000 individuals participated this year. More than 40 cyclist participated in the Top Raisers’ team in 2013.

Top Raisers Group Photo, 3rd November 2013.
Sylvania BMW Top Raisers Bike riders at the Gong Ride.

A great time was had by all. See you next year!


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