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#takefive: Take five minutes to learn more about #LaurentVilloing Culinary artist and Paris Cooking school owner.

Its not everyday Century 21 Synergy gets to meet a Culinary artist that has cook and design the menu for Her Majesty the Queen of England and her family. We are lucky to secure an exclusive interview with Laurent Villoing. Along side his tv appearances, laurent Villoing has been busy teach and managing his cooking school "Paris International Cooking School."

1) When did Paris International Cooking school opened for business? 
Paris International Cooking School was established in 1988 in London. In 1990, we started teaching cooking in Sydney Australia. 

How long have you been in the Inner West? I have opened the cooking school in it's current location in January 2000 (same years as the Sydney Olympic Games !)
Paris International Cooking School, #Stanmore.
2)What was it like when you first started your business in Stanmore/Inner West? The area has undergone some changes with many businesses changing hands in the last 15 years. However it has retained its unique disposition and the core of its demographic has pretty much remained the same. The businesses that remained, I am certain that they have now established themselves and have contributed greatly to Parramatta Road.

Paris International Cooking School, #Stanmore.

3) Do you attract any particular demographic of clientele at your cooking school ? (Are they professionals looking to pick up new skills or cuisine styles or are they foodie looking to try new things? Are they mostly locals who live in Stanmore? 

Our cooking school is open to home cooks (both male and female), we do occasionally welcome some professional chefs who is looking to learn special skills.

4) What would you say is your cooking school's speciality ?

The cooking school cater to students with different needs. Right now lots of people want to learn about pastry art, macaron making in particular, so those are our current strong teaching point at the cooking school.
Macarons & Macaroons At Paris
International Cooking School

Kitche inside Paris International
Cooking School, #Stanmore.
5) What inspired you to get into the culinary arts? 

Probably my mum's cooking, when I was a kid I enjoyed every day a selection of great food cooked with love by my mum.

Please highlight any special achievements of your own and/or your cooking school (Sydney or international)

Our cooking school was awarded a Young People's Award by the Governor of New South Wales Professor Marie Bashir for teaching young kids to cook during school holiday, we were also awarded the NSW Specialised Small Business Awards and has been nominated for many local awards.

Paris International Cooking School, #Stanmore.
6)For people who loves food but don't know where to start, which lessons or courses can you recommend for a beginner looking to learn more about french food?

Beginners cook should start with our Knife Skill Workshop (6 hours week-end class) and then maybe consider our 8 weeks Basic of Cooking class (once a week).

7) Its often hard for a professional with family responsibilities to fit cooking into the week , do you have any tips for people who love food but is time poor? Do you offer classes after hours? 

If one is short of time for cooking, always prepare more than a single meal, keep leftover and make  it as a second meal of them later. We do indeed offer daytime, evening and week-end classes (including late classes from 10.30 PM to 1 AM). you can see our cooking school timetable on our website here: www.picssyd.com.au/

8)Being an incredibly accomplished culinary artist, how do you cope with pressure when you have to cook for VIPs ? 
One step at the time and being well organised will get you out of tricky situation. 
Planned in advance (my navy training is of great help to me on a daily routine for organisational skill).

Do you have any hobbies/interests or any other business you pursue away from cooking? 

When I do not teach cooking I also manage a small business printing postcards, you can see our postcards business here: http://postcard.pics-sydney.com.au - we currently have more than 1500different postcard for sale on that website. Other hobby of mine is swimming and going dancing.

9)What is your favourite dish to cook for yourself? Care to share your recipe with our readers? 

Pretty simple but delicious recipe called "Chicken Dijonnaise". I  would it any day, time and any where.

10)How do clients contact you should they wish to apply for a course? All Contacts provided below;

School Website address: www.picssyd.com.au
Email address: cooking@pics-sydny.com.au
Postcard website: http://postcard.pics-sydney.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/picssyd
School address: 216 Parramatta Road, Stanmore 2048
Tel: (02) 9518 1066

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