Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#TakeFive : Take Five minutes to learn more about #MariaDeMarco and her visions for King Street Theatre, Newtown.

1) When did your theatre first opened for business? How long have you been in the Inner West?

#KINGSTREETTHEATRE officially opened in April 2012. The #theatre has had 2 previous incarnations before we took over spanning at least 20 years. First as the EDGE THEATRE and then as THE NEWTOWN THEATRE.

2) What is your vision for King Street Theatre?

As our motto says, ‘NURTURING ALL ARTS TO LIVE RATHER THAN JUST SURVIVE’. We want it be a cultural hub for all things artistic including Drama, Musical, Cabaret, Pocket Opera, Chamber Music, Comedy, Dance, Street Art, Illusion, Grand Guignol, Erotica and the more unique subversions of Burlesque. We would also love to build on our parent company that runs KST, EMU PRODUCTIONS previous work, to continue to create and produce new works where all creatives are paid. Essentially a full time professional performing arts company.

3) What was it like when you first started your business in St Peters , Inner West?

Hard for all businesses as you start to build a profile to let people know we are there and the history of the place had not necessarily created that for us as a theatre for ALL arts. Still after 19 months we are constantly having to let people know we are here and available for hire.

4) What inspired you to get into the theatre arts?

Wow, that is a very loaded question which would take forever to answer. Both Markus Weber (Artistic & Managing Director of KST & EMU PRODUCTIONS) and myself have trained as actors in our youth and have being working as professionals since graduating from acting school. So, it is something that we have just done all our lives. We both have resumes that highlights work in 4 continents and over 60 years with a combine total of over 300 productions, that we can remember and want to mention. Not just as actors but as directors, writers, singers, producers, trainers, lyricists, creators, translators to mention just a few professions but now as owners of KST. That has to be the highlight to be able to do what we want to but also to help other artists with their dreams.

5) What are your plans for King Street Theatre in 2014 ? What can we expect from your programming next year?

We are hoping to establish a children/youth program including workshops and performances during the school holidays, as well as producing our own plays. We have our usual stable mates who are becoming our regular features during the year. They include, SHORT & SWEET FESTIVAL, SYDNEY FRINGE FESTIVAL, PLAYBACK THEATRE & CRASH TEST DRAMA.

6) Please highlight any special features or benefits of the King Street Theatre.

The main benefits is of KING STREET THEATRE is that Markus and myself understand theatre, performance and the arts. You can trust that we know what it is like to produce a play/show and we will do everything in our power to make it happen smoothly. Special features is the new equipment we have installed that never existed in the space until KST was born. We have two spaces for performance, both with their own light/ sound rig. And of course our dedicated staff .

7) Will you be conducting any classes and lessons at the King street theatre for aspiring writers, actors, and singers.

Refer to question 5’s answer, but we hope to establish some school holidays acting workshops in 2014. Our theatre is also the training ground for interns who want to learn about every aspect of theatre. From staging, lighting, sound, management, finances and FOH, our interns either spend 3 – 6 months in our theatre doing experiencing life running a small private theatre in a Sydney.

Foyer Stage, King Street Theatre
seats 60.

9)What is your favourite play and favourite playwright? Why?

My favourite play and playwright? Depending my mood but there are many for different reasons but the one that popped into my head after first reading this question was WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? . I studied it at school and then studying it at uni in as an actor, it was just a complete an utter mind altering experience. I won’t say the Edward Albee is my favourite playwright because I find him a challenge. I like JOANNE MURRAY SMITH’s themes and the fact that she writes great stuff for female actors and more importantly she is Australian. I like more Australian playwrights than international writers because I believe in having an Australian voice represented in the arts worldwide. Another reason for JOANNA MURRAY SMITH, her work translates to any culture.

10)How do clients contact you should they wish to apply for a course?

Our Facebook page is probably the most up to date information of current events at KST. Go to our website to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

EMU PRODUCTIONS ( Theatre & Music P/L)



(1st floor above the SOUTH END CAFÉ; entrance is on BRAY ST)


0423 082 015



twitter: @kingsttheatre

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